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I WAS SO PISSED AT WHAT HAPPENED. I DIDN'T PROOFREAD. I placed my order and the total went from $6.46 to $13.56.I asked the waitress what just happened. Erin said" everything is extra".

She obviously did NOT say that everything that she was offering me was extra at the time. As I sat and waited I realized that i could get all of this for $7.00 at Waffle house. And they would not charge me for all of the "so called" extra. SO I cancelled my order.

Which had not been cooked yet. But because i paid with cash the owner didn't want to give me back my money although I had not gotten my food yet. So i was ripped off by huddle house on tobacco rd in Georgia. First I should not have had to pay before I got my food.

That in itself is bad business. When the police came they finally threw this(photo's attached) at me. Uneatable and thrown in the box. Needless to say I wen to Waffle house where the food, the service , the price and the professionalism was worth it.

Never again will I go to Huddle House . I will post this on all social media sites everyday until I get my money back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Huddle House Waffle.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $8.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Bellevue, Washington, United States #1283032

We were only complying with company provess..I "Erin" was just doing my job.

I'm very sorry that you feel you were quote "ripped off" but maam, you need to undersrand that it's not like I'm taking the money and putting it in my pocket or intentionally trying to disgruntle you!

Furthermore I remember your order very well because we were very busy that day & so we are forced to take all to go order money up front so that we dont have people walking out having us cook the food & waste more time of other customers time.

1st of all you ordered a waffle platter with scrambled eggs with cheese bell pepper and onion and the smoked sausage for your meat...all of these things cost extra and when I explained it to you, you seemed upset but told me to go ahead.

Then after I got the order in you asked me to make it just a waffle and smoked sausage. Which I did, even though once it's in the computer the store still has to pay sales taxes on it and if the server (me) does not sell it off by shifts end, I have to pay for it! Making 2.20 an hr this is difficult to do but I didnt explain that to you because I feel it would be unprofessional.I also explained before anything else that it could be up to 30 min wait time since we were very busy that day.. you again agreed you still wanted the order.

After ten minutes you called me over and asked for a refund which is clearly posted in 4 places that we can not give refunds. You then asked for the manager who was not there but the owner was and you wanted to talk to him. When he explained the no refund policy and that I did everything I was sup posed to do, you called the police who in turn pointed to the posted policy signs and asked you to leave and take it up with corporate.

Also, earlier in the conversation I said about the 30 min delay, you got your food within 15 mins.

I understand that you work hard for your mone and so do I. I'm sorry you were dissatisfied with your experience at huddle house and I hate to lose customers especially when they feel like it's because of something I did. But maam in your case I went above and beyond (rather than give you your 8$ meal free which I would have, had I not had to pay for your original order with the eggs and the extras in the eggs.) I remember you making a remark about us charging for the extras in the eggs like cheese bell peppers onion and so forth and you said "I could see them charging that if I were in a classy restaurant but huddle house?" Like I said, I'd hate to lose you as a customer, but if you are so used to eating at these classy restaurants maybe huddle house is a little beneath you. But on the other hand which classy restaurant could you get 2 smoked sausage and 2 waffles for $8?

Like I said I apologize for making you feel some type of way, but I guess if we're that bad $8.00 is a small price to pay to find out right.

I hope we can make you happy one day. Reguards, Erin

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